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Our Menu

  • Signature Lamb Dampak Tender lamb cube cooked in a sealed copper vassal
    $ 20.95
  • Lamb Korma Creamy Almond based gravy with touch of saffron.
    $ 19.95
  • Lamb Sag Tender Lamb cubes, Creamy Spinach cury, Roasted ground spice mix.
    $ 19.95
  • Lamb vindaloo A fiery combination of freshly roasted chili and ground spices, cooked with potato
    $ 19.95
  • Lamb Rogan Josh Boneless Lamb cooked with fried curry, yogurt & spices.
    $ 19.95
  • Hyderabadee -Shukha -Goat Chops Slow braised tender baby goat chop masala with southern spices and roasted coconut.
    $ 27.95
  • Sunday Goat Curry Tender Bone in goat meat cooked in onion & tomato gravy flavored with spices. A popular Sunday lunch menu in many Indian households.
    $ 19.95
  • Goat Vindaloo Spicy Goat curry with potatos
    $ 19.99
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